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This Convex Mirror is suitable for almost any type of outdoor environment, providing a great view of oncoming traffic to motorists while reducing the overall risk of accidents while moving out onto a road. These convex mirrors are suitable for mounting directly to a wall or standard 76mm pole, with all relevant fixings inlcuded in your purchase.

Available in red and white or black and yellow colours these convex mirrors are sure to provide great assistance to drivers when moving onto a road where a corner or blind spot may be present. This makes these mirrors ideal for using in rural type areas where oncoming traffic is very hard to see, especially for home owners who may have residence in a secluded area.

  • Each mirror comes with the relevant fixings that allow the customer to mount the convex mirror to any standard 76mm pole or any flat wall type surface. Screws and rawlplugs allow the customer to install this convex mirror into a wall while the bracket allows for quick and easy installation to a pole
  • These convex mirrors are also available in 600mm or 800mm diameters, allowing for a maximum viewing distance of up to 6 metres and 9-11 metres respectively
  • The tough construction of these convex mirrors ensure that they are suitable to use in most outdoor environments, with great resistance to weathering
  • The mirror can be mounted at an angle in order to allow for the viewing of other cars or pedestrians that normally wouldnt be seen
  • If you need to see in two different directions at a time it is recommended that you use 2 convex mirrors

This Convex Mirror is ideal for helping motorists or home owners to move out onto a roadway with much more care, allowing them to see past blind spots and corners that would normally hinder their vision.

Specifications – Distance you should view mirror from

  • 600mm or 800mm diameter
  • Robust acrylic mirror front
  • Highly durable surround and visor
  • Includes fixings for 76mm pole and wall mount
  • Provides a clear view of oncoming traffic
  • Available in 600mm and 800mm diameter
  • 600mm – approx. 6 metre viewing distance
  • 800mm – approx. 9-11 metre viewing distance
  • Available in Red/White or Black/Yellow
  • 600mm delivery weight – 2.14kg
  • 800mm delivery weight – 3.5kg.
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Roadside Convex Safety Mirrors


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