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A flexible traffic post, also known as a Spring bollard, is used to enhance safety on roads and other traffic areas. It is a cylindrical post made of thermoplastic Polyurethane material, which can be easily bent or flexed in response to a force applied to it.

Our Flexible traffic posts are used in various traffic management applications such as separating traffic lanes, defining parking spaces, marking out pedestrian areas, and directing traffic flow. They are particularly useful in areas where there is a high risk of vehicular impact or collision, such as on curbsides, at intersections, or near pedestrian crossings.
These posts are not certified for UK highway Use.
  1. Material: Flexible traffic posts are made of thermoplastic Polyurethane that allows them to bend and flex in response to a force applied to them.

  2. Reflective strips: These flexible traffic posts come with reflective strips to make them more visible to drivers and pedestrians, especially at night.

  3. Height: 460mm posts are used for delineating parking spaces, while 760mm & 1000mm posts are used for separating traffic lanes.

  4. Base: The base of this flexible traffic post is also made of thermoplastic Polyurethane which has diameter of 200mm.

  5. Flexibility: The primary feature of this flexible traffic posts is their ability to bend and flex in response to a force applied to them. This flexibility helps to absorb the impact of a collision, reducing the likelihood of vehicle damage or injury.


  • Length: 460mm, 760mm, 1000mm
  • Height: 460mm
  • Post Dia. 80mm
  • Base Dia. 200mm
  • Colour: Red/White
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Red & White Flexible Traffic Post


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