Parking Post Folding Sturdy Toplock Great For Car Park Bays


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Parking Post is the ideal solution to preventing theft of your car, as well as preventing unauthorised access to employee car parking spaces or restricted areas to industrial estates. Highly visible and built to last Parking Post ensures that the customer is given a quick and easy method to fold down their post with little fuss.

The integrated lock at the top of the post means that users do not have to bend down to unlock it, making it highly accessible. When bolted down the post can pivot on a point at the base which will allow vehicles to pass over it when it folds down. Hot dip-galvanised means the post will never rust or corrode.

The powder coated versions is highly visible, making it easy for motorists to see Highly reflective side strips make it quite visible to drivers Can be bolted directly to ground or bolted to the plate of the optional ground anchor (Regular fixings are not needed if you choose to use the ground anchor)

 Traffic and Safety Equipment can give you everything you need for installing this parking post directly into concrete or tarmac. All in all, the post stands at about 900mm tall, making it the right height for protecting vehicles. 

We recommend the Ground Anchor for areas with tarmac or other surfaces that aren’t concrete. The anchor is placed under the ground and concreted in, leaving the base plate on the surface. This plate allows you to use four bolts to connect the base to the ground, giving you maximum durability and stability.

Product Specifications:

  • Height: 900mm Height (above ground)
  • Width: 70mm Squared
  • Weight: 9.15 KG
  • Includes 3 keys
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Dim Gray Parking Post Folding Sturdy Toplock Great For Car Park Bays

Parking Post Folding Sturdy Toplock Great For Car Park Bays


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