Park Aid Yellow / Black Rubber Wheel Stop 1800mm


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  • The Park It Rubber Wheel Stop is ideal for impact protection from vehicles in car parks. Rubber parking curbs are a cost-efficient means of ensuring that cars and other wheeled equipment stays in the respective spaces you have assigned to them by preventing any forward or backward movement. This also means that the surrounding buildings, fencing, structures and objects are protected as the vehicle will not run into them and cause costly damage. Barriers UK supplies yellow rubber wheel stops for increased visibility, providing further protection for the vehicle by making users of the environment aware of its existence.; Apart from being superb impact protection, they also act as useful space dividers and are a great solution for car parks or industrial vehicle storage spaces.

 Park it Wheel Stop Key Features

  •  High quality rubber won’t crack or split like concrete kerbs
  •  Won’t damage cars if they drive up against them thanks to the flexible design.
  • Simple to install and move at a future date if needs be.
  • The rubber wheel stops are 1800mm in length, have a three-year warranty and are made from long lasting material that features proven resilience and durability. In addition, these products provide environmentally friendly benefits as they are made from recycled tyres, and make use of 360mm rebar spikes for installation on tarmac. If you want a product that is cost-effective right now and will have further financial benefits in the long-run by preventing accidents and loss of expensive equipment, have a look at our rubber wheel stops.

Product Specifications:

  • Length: 1800mm
  • Weight: 15.5 kg
  • Colour: Yellow moulded stripes
  • Fixings Included in it. 

Coach Screw Specifications:

  • Depth: Washer: 2.6mm
  • Length: 180mm not including head (187 mm including)
  • Drill Hole Size: 14mm drill bit required
  • Per Unit: 132g
  • Type: Bright Zinc Plated Steel

Rebar Pins Specifications:

  • Diameter: Body: 15.3mm, Head: ~30mm
  • Length: 340mm
  • Drill Hole Size: 14mm or tight as possible to the size of the spike drill bit will be required.
  • Per Unit: 420g
  • Type: Steel
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    Park Aid Yellow / Black Rubber Wheel Stop 1800mm


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