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  • Marking out pathways and no entry zones can be as important for the warehouse and factory as it is to the club or society. The wide range of colours and base types will fit any environment with a range of accessories also available to be used with the freestanding 800mm x 40mm posts.
  • Rubber square bases can be used in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The rubber can be easily washed and cleaned and are a popular lightweight alternative that provides a solid foundation that will resist regular light contact. Concrete triangular bases are the heaviest of the designs and is design to resist light vehicle contact. The base shape ensures it can rest on uneven surfaces better than the square design. While the fillable circular base can be loaded with sand or water as to weight it through a filler cap. This can then be emptied between uses making them the lightest to transport. At 300mm these also have the widest bases.
  • The ground spike is for semi-perminent mounting, featuring a 270mm black spike that can be inserted into the ground, for use in turfed areas. Including the spike, the post is slightly longer than the other posts with 600mm of post visible above ground.

Base sizes:

  • Square rubber – 265mm (width)
  • Triangular concrete – 290mm (corner to corner)
  • Circular fillable – 300mm (diameter)

Freestanding Plastic Posts:

  • Individual posts, in a variety of colours for indoor and outdoor use
  • Three types of post base for sturdy or easy to move support
  • Choose the triangular concrete base for the heaviest weight
  • Square rubber base has a low profile and is great on uneven ground
  • Circular plastic base can be filled with sand or water to weigh it down
  • Ground spike suitable in grass and turf for semi-permanent use
  • Weather proof and corrosion resistant
  • Ground spike sits 600mm out of ground


Description Base Type Colour Dimensions H x Dia (mm)
Post Square Rubber White 800 x 40
Post Triangular Concrete White 800 x 40
Post Circular Fillable White 800 x 40
Post Square Rubber Red & White 800 x 40
Post Triangular Concrete Red & White 800 x 40
Post Circular Fillable Red & White 800 x 40
Post Square Rubber Yellow & Black 800 x 40
Post Triangular Concrete Yellow & Black 800 x 40
Post Circular Fillable Yellow & Black 800 x 40
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