Disabled Toilet Pull Cord Wireless KP SOS Alarm with Adjustable Siren & Flashing Strobe


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  • Wireless Pull Cord Switch KP SOS Alarm designed for easy & quick installation, the Pull Cord has a built in Battery powered Wireless Transmitter allowing it to be fitted into the most practical location, the Siren assembly includes an adjustable Siren & Flashing RED LED which is powered by a simple 3-pin Transformer.

How it Works:

  • When the Wireless Pull Cord Switch is pulled, the Siren & Flashing RED LED will activate and remain ON until such time that the system is reset by pressing the reset button located underneath the Siren assembly (we recommend this method of reset is only considered if the Siren assembly is located in a safe area away from the Pull Cord).
  • Additional Pull Cords can be added to this system

Operational Range:

  • The Wireless range between the Pull Cord Switch and Siren assembly is 100 metres (line of sight), which equates to around 40 – 50 metres in most applications.

Reset Button:

  • The Siren assembly has the Reset Button located on the bottom of the Control Box, which is fine for most applications, it is possible for us to supply a system with a wireless reset if required in different types of applications (please contact us to discuss). 


  • The built in Siren has an optional 32 different tones that can be selected by simply moving various dip-switches, this allows you to choose a sound that is unique to the location and can be heard above the natural sounds of the environment.
  • The volume can also easily be adjusted from zero to 106 decibels.


Installation is very simple:

  1. Before fitting the Siren assembly, choose the Tone & Volume of the Siren (this can be done sitting comfortably at a desk or table), plug the Siren into a wall socket and activate the Pull Switch, adjustments to the Siren are done with the lid removed (instructions will be supplied). 
  2. Once happy with the Tone & Volume of the Siren, fit the assembly to the chosen location using 4 side mounted screw holes (it is weatherproof should you want to mount it outside).
  3. Power the Siren assembly up by plugging in a standard 3-pin Transformer (we recommend the socket is placed out of reach or sight).
  4. Fit the Pull Switch assembly FIRMLY onto the Ceiling.
  5. Test by pulling the Pull Switch.
  6. Reset by using the Reset Button.

You can add up to 19 additional Panic Buttons to this Alarm System, there are also different styles available which may suit your business, please see below:

  • Standard Remote Control (from up to 60 metres away).
  • Panic Button (from up to 100 metres away).
  • Long Range (from up to 1000 metres away).
  • Wristwatch (from up to 50 metres away).
  • Necklace (from up to 50 metres away).

kit Includes:

  • 1 x Wireless Siren Box & Strobe (includes adjustable Siren & Flashing Strobe LED).
  • 1 x Manual N/C Reset Button (located on the Siren Box).
  • 1 x 3-pin Plug in Transformer (2-pin available upon request).
  • 1 x Pull Switch Assembly.
  • 1 x KP Transmitter.


Siren & Strobe Box:

  • Power Supply: Plug in 3-pin Transformer (2-pin available upon request).
  • Red Flashing LED: Yes (when activated by a Panic Button).
  • Adjustable Siren: Yes (tone & volume can be adjusted).
  • Siren Tones: 32 (selected via simply dip-switches).
  • Duration of LED & Siren when Activated: Constant (Latched ON).
  • Reset Method: Physical Button under the Box.
  • Size: 198 (L) x 116 (W) x 54 (D) mm.
  • Wireless Range: 60 – 100 metres (line of sight).
  • Number of Wireless Transmitters can be used: Maximum 20.
  • Weatherproof: Yes.
  • Box Colour: Black.
  • Volume: From 0 to 106 Decibels (adjusted using a simple adjustable pot).

Pull Switch Assembly:

Pull Switch:

  • Size of Assembly Base: 88 (L) x 88 (W) x 100 (D). 
  • Switch: Momentary.
  • Cord Length: 2 metres (can be shortened).


  • Size: 40 (w) x 70 (w) x 17 (d) mm.
  • Power: 12v Battery (MN21)
  • Wireless Transmission Range: 100 metres (line of sight).
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Disabled Toilet Pull Cord Wireless KP SOS Alarm with Adjustable Siren & Flashing Strobe


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