1.6m Long GS6 Cantilever Crossbar


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Cantilever Crossbar with Elbow Fixing is used for various applications such as traffic management, pedestrian control, and site safety. Ideal for tight space.


  1. Cantilever Design: The cantilever design of the crossbar allows for an unobstructed opening, which is particularly useful in areas where there is a need for unrestricted access or where there is a risk of damage to vehicles or equipment.

  2. Elbow Fixing: Elbow fixing allows the crossbar to be securely attached to a post or wall, ensuring stability and safety.

  3. Easy to Install: Easy to install and can be quickly attached to the elbow fixing using the appropriate hardware.

  4. Customizable Length: The cantilever crossbar can be cut to a custom length, making it a versatile solution for a variety of barrier applications.


  • Length: 1.6m
  • Colour: Red & Blue
  • Insulated Construction up to 75Kv
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1.6m Long GS6 Cantilever Crossbar


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