Wireless Non GSM PIR Scaffold Light For GSM Model


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  • A battery powered PIR Alarm hidden inside a Scaffold Light, the PIR has a built in Siren and can connect to a GSM Model with a wireless connection.

This allows you to protect more Scaffold whilst using just one GSM PIR Alarm, it can be used with:

  • 3G Model
  • 2G Model
  • 2G Kit
  • 3G Kit
  • You can also use the Solar Powered Siren with this PIR.
  • The PIR is armed using Remote Controls from over 50 metres away, additional Remote Controls available.
  • You can use multiple PIR’s within a single Wireless Network !!

kit Includes:

  • 1 x BT PIR Alarm & Remote Control.
  • 3 x Lithium AA Batteries.
  • 1 x Scaffold Light & Mounting Bracket.
  • 1 x Set of Internal Packaging.


PIR Specification:

  • Alarm Detection Type: PIR (passive infrared detector).
  • Arming & Disarming Method: Remote Control.
  • Working Distance between PIR & Remote Control: 50 metres (line of sight).
  • Transmission Distance to additional Wireless Sirens: 50 metres (line of sight).
  • Built in Siren: Yes (130 decibels).
  • Exit Delay: Yes (30 seconds).
  • Entry Delay: Yes (5 seconds).
  • Siren Duration: 60 seconds (remains fully armed, until disarmed by remote control).
  • Detection Range: 8 metres.
  • Detection Horizontal Coverage: 120 Degrees.
  • Detection Vertical Detection: 90 Degrees.
  • PIR Power Supply: 3 x AA Batteries (supplied).
  • Remote Control Power Supply: 1 x 3v Lithium Coin Battery.
  • Size of PIR: 68 (W) x 108 (H) x 36 (D) mm.
  • Size of Remote Control: 75 (H) x 45 (W) x 12 (D) mm.
  • PIR Battery Life: 12 – 18 months (normal use).
  • Warranty: 1 Year.

Remote Control Specification:

  • Power Supply: 1 x 3v Lithium Coin Battery.
  • Working Range: 50 metres (line of sight).
  • Operation Option: Arm or Disarm.
  • Size: 75 (H) x 45 (W) x 12 (D) mm.
  • Battery Life: 1- 2 Years (normal use).
  • Warranty: 1 Year.

Scaffold Light:

  • Power Supply: N/A.
  • Battery Type: None.
  • Light Options: Not Operational.
  • Built in Light Sensor: Not Operation.
  • Colour: Yellow.
  • Weight: 420 grams.
  • Mounting Method: Rear Bracket.
  • Mounting Bracket Size: 55 (W) x 35 – 80 (D) mm.
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Orange Red Wireless Non GSM PIR Scaffold Light For GSM Model

Wireless Non GSM PIR Scaffold Light For GSM Model


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