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  • This quality external AVL-100 Speech Warning Alert/Alarm System is designed to boom out pre-recorded messages to visitors or intruders in unmanned & remote locations, especially effective if there is a visible CCTV camera (real or not) at the same location. 
  • Intruders are now aware that remote locations can be (and are) remotely monitored, so this device is a very good addition to any security or safety system.
  • Ideal for connecting to many types of Security & Safety Systems, it is powered by a 12v DC supply (not supplied) and triggered by a normally open dry relay output on a control panel.

Very simple to set up and use, ideal uses include:

  • Barns.
  • Entrances.
  • Remote Buildings.
  • Unmanned Factory Entrances. 
  • Garages & Workshops.
  • Offices.
  • Farms.
  • Nurseries.
  • Rural Shops & Counters.
  • The easy to record message can be up to 8 seconds long, and has a memory back up of 20 days with no power and can be played back at an impressive 100 Db.

kit Includes:

  • 1 x AVL-100 Speech Alert
  • 1 x Set of Instructions
  • 1 x 1 metre Four Core Cable


  • Power Requirements: 12 volts DC (not supplied). 
  • Standby current 20ma/Operation Current 500ma.
  • Weatherproof: Yes Rainproof.
  • Volume Control : Silent to 100 Db (1 metre distance).
  • Detection Method: Normally Open Contact From Other Systems.
  • Detection Area: Dependant on the trigger system.
  • Record Play Back Time: 8 seconds.
  • Record Back Up Memory: 20 Days (no power).
  • Weight: 1kilo.
  • Size230 mm Long (not including swivel base).
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